About Us

About SMB Pressings

We contribute to the UK economy by keeping manufacturing in the UK.

About Us

metal-pressing-1SMB Pressings Limited provides customers with a service second to none in quality of production, competitive pricing, deliveries to agreed schedules and research and development facilities to bring ideas through to manufacture of product using our in house tool making experience and design facilities.

The company produces a wide range of pressed components in ferrous and non ferrous materials.

SMB Pressings has a press capacity that ranges from 10 to 75 tonnes.

Components are supplied as self colour , zinc plated, powder coated or plastic coated to suit our customer needs.

In addition, we assemble components to specification including spot, mig or tig welding or copper and nickel brazing. Drilling, tapping, milling and surface grinding are also available.

SMB Pressings also offer guillotine and Press Brake facilities for sheet metal work , ductwork and all types of fabrication.

Along with it’s customers SMB Pressings has developed a range of storage locker and benching systems used across a broad range of sectors including sporting venues, leisure centres, schools, colleges and hospitals.

SMB Pressings have worked with a multi national orchestral percussion supply company to develop their range of products and now manufacture these products with customers across the globe.

In April 2010 the company moved to it’s current 15000 sq ft facility to enable upgrading of our manufacturing capabilities, IT systems and material control.

Situated in the West Midlands just off Jct 12 of the M6, our location enables excellent transport links to all areas of the UK.

Our Mission

To contribute to the UK economy by keeping manufacturing in the UK.

To direct our growth in all areas of metal based engineering , to gather people and facilities that will help achieve this.

To strive with reserve for the greatest reliability and quality of our products : to be the unsurpassed standard of comparison and be recognised as a company of dedication and service (and quality).

To recognise the personal worth of employees by providing a framework that allows both personal satisfaction, development and security.